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White Rock Shopping
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Our pages have been indexed for over 9 years, and enjoy top placement in all the major search engines. White Rock Online and affiliated web pages enjoy hits from a local and international audience, ensuring that your web site will be found by visitors searching for White Rock Shopping, White Rock Shopping Malls and any search term relevant to category pages in the main menu.
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The city name where the business is located: White Rock or South Surrey only.
Two links (one text and one graphic) to your web site.
A graphic of the web site with "alt text" for search engine indexing
Up to a 30 word description of your web site
A listing in a category specific page that's already been optimized for Google search engine results
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Payment: Payments for Premium Listings can be made securely via PayPal's Secure Payment System with either Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express cards.

Exclusions: Only shopping web sites located in White Rock or South Surrey will be accepted in this White Rock / South Surrey Shopping Directory. Only top level domains will be accepted. Web sites that are "incomplete", "under construction" or could be deemed "harmful" or "offensive" to others will not be accepted and are at the discretion of Semiahmoo Shopping.

Completion Time: Provided your shopping web site meets the Terms of Service, please allow 48 hours for your web site to be added to this directory. It may take up to an additional 30 - 60 days for the search engines to index your listing.

Right To Modify:
Semiahmoo Shopping reserves the right to edit the title, description, or category for each listing. 
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